FATF communicates fulfillment on measures taken by Pakistan

FATF communicates fulfillment on measures taken by Pakistan

PARIS: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has communicated fulfillment on the measures taken by Pakistan and its encouraging in different territories.

A Pakistani appointment drove by Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar told the FATF meeting that Pakistan has gained positive ground in 20 out of 27 points, Radio Pakistan detailed Monday.

China, Turkey and Malaysia valued the means taken by Pakistan.

The FATF meeting which began on October 14, will talk about the report on the means taken by Pakistan till April 2019 and a choice would be made on whether to remove Islamabad from the intergovernmental association's dim rundown.

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Prior this month, the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG) had distributed a report on tax evasion and fear financing in Pakistan, wherein it said Islamabad had conformed to 36 of the 40 parameters set by the FATF at the hour of the nation's consideration in the dim rundown.

In light of the specialized consistence appraisals, the APG report demonstrated that Pakistan had completely followed just a single parameter, to a great extent conformed to nine, and mostly consented to 26 of the 40 parameters.

What number of FATF parameters has Pakistan agreed to?

Delegates from 205 nations and wards far and wide, the IMF, UN, World Bank and different associations are going to the gathering in Paris.

The six-day-meeting will concentrate on upsetting money related streams connected to wrongdoings and fear based oppression and talk about approaches to add to worldwide wellbeing and security.

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